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V.S.A.C. Grants                                        www.vsac.org


         (Vermont Student Assistant Corp.)          


(Covers all Tuition& workbook fees)           

To eligible Vermont Residents                                  

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity! 

Next Certification Course will be offered Fall 2018

Funding is available June 1st for each Academic Year

The Feng Shui Certificate Program LEVEL 1,2,3 & 4  

The 'Feng Shui Business & Idea Development Class'

​Apply online OR Pick up a paper application inside
Silver Moon School of Feng Shui 29 High St. Brattleboro, VT.

Apply for all Levels at the same time

Limit 2 courses per term

Refer to Level 3 as one class!

Refer to Level 4 as one class!

Silver Moon School of Feng Shui is dedicated

to making it possible to study Feng Shui for all

income levels.