Individual Student/ Practitioner Profiles


front row left to right:

Jiyl Barrows, Vale Burns, Serena Jenkins

back row left to right:

Maribeth Cornell, Linda Quay, Leslie Lassetter, instructor- Patti Newton

Jane Katz

​Geographic areas I am available to work in--PioneerValley,MA
Levels of Feng Shui Studied and completed--Level 1,2, 3
Areas of  Feng Shui specialty(s)--Focusing on clients who want to make life changes
Token appointments? Yes
Website address:
Contact or 413-218-7084
Additional skills or areas of study--Spiritual psychotherapy, life coaching, Angel and Akashic Record Readings
Personal statement about your practice of Feng Shui--Feng Shui can change our lives in large and small ways.
 It provides us with a context for understanding the vast range of considerations that can impact our well-being
and the changes we can make to improve our lives.  It is empowering, interesting, and FUN to work with the
​perspective of Feng Shui.


left to Right

Rebecca Whitney, Jane Katz, Jeanne McCliment, Patti Sparks


Top left to right: Olga Peters, Mel Hastings

Middle left to right: Jodi Upham, Jiyl Barrows

Bottom left to right: Leslie Lassetter, Krista Jarosak

Elissa Bhanti

Geographic areas you are available to work in: 30 min outside Brattleboro, Vermont

Levels of Feng Shui studied and completed: Levels 1,2,3

Token Appointments: Yes

Website address: none

Contact information: e-mail  (802) 490 - 0977

Additional skills or areas of study: Elissa has a particular interest in the feng shui of businesses; having owned a business herself for twenty years.SIMPLICITY NOW: organize and declutter your home or business using the principals of feng shui. Clearing clutter is one of the most transformative aspects of feng shui and allows one to accept the universal principal that life is a constant state of change. Having clutter makes one lethargic, scattered, and depressed. Letting go of unnecessary clutter allows one to make room for new experiences to enter their lives. Elissa will help you strategize and begin the process of decluttering and reorganizing your space. Together you can make a space that is a better reflection of who you are. Free half hour consultation. Three hours for $100.


left to right

Lynn Forrest, Marjorie Merena, Elissa Bhanti, Helen Merena, Aida Avery

2014 -2015 

left back: Olga Peters, Julie Easton

left front: Jane Katz, Suzanne Henderson, Lena Robinson, Lynn Forrest, Kara McBurney


left to right: 

Erin Engelhard, instructor-Patti Newton, Linda Romano, Julia Volodina

Olga Peters


Geographic areas you are available to work in: Windham County, east to Keene, NH, south to Northampton, MA    Levels of Feng Shui Studied and completed: Levels 1, 2, 3.    
Areas of  Feng Shui specialty(s): Dressing Feng Shui, Feng Shui and Wealth Creating a vision map
Token appointments? Yes    
Website address None at the moment    
Contact information: 802-258-7381  
​ Additional skills or areas of study: Identifying and discussing with clients how to support their personal elements. Evaluating how a space supports clients’ chi, intentions, or Nine Life Areas. Identifying clients’ auspicious compass directions and offering corrections for inauspicious directions.  Five Elemental and Yin/Yang Balancing.Helping clients identify what enhances their Quality of Life.

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Individual Student/Practitioner Profiles

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