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Feng Shui Practitioner Profile & Referral Service

Students who graduate the Silver Moon School of Feng  Shui Certificate Program may 
participate in the Profile and Referral network.  As part of the ‘Students’ page on this 
website, you will find Profiles of participating graduates. Many students drive long
distances to get their certification and therefore their Feng Shui services may be closer
to the area that you live in. Students also create areas of specialty, such as
‘Clutter Management’, Dressing Feng Shui’, ‘selling your home with Feng Shui
Considerations’, or ‘Space Clearing and House Blessings.’ Many practitioners also
provide other excellent services,such as Animal Reiki, Energetic Body work, Staging
​for real estate, Interior Design, Photography, Book keeping and tax preparation, 
Graphic Design, Custom Upholstery and Drapery, Handmade Chai, Psycotherapy
​ and Counseling, Angel Readings and much more!

Feng Shui Forum


Students who graduate any level of the Feng Shui Certificate Program are invited to

participate in the free monthly open forums. They are held the last Friday of each 
month at 6 pm. This is an excellent opportunity for on-going contact and support with
fellow students and other Feng Shui practitioners who have graduated from different
Levels of study and experience.The forums are informal and we bring refreshments
and lively conversation to the gathering. Every month there​ may different combinations
of students and practitioners so the discussions cover a wide range of  topics. This is
also an opportunity to bring your questions and dilemmas to run by the group members
​to get feedback and ​suggestions. No two Forums are ever the same!

Red Envelope "Token' Feng Shui Consultations

​Students who graduate the Silver Moon School of Feng Shui Certificate Program
are asked to complete 9 ‘Token’ consultations before charging fees for their Feng
Shui services. This gives them valuable field experience after they  have completed
their studies, and an opportunity to gain skills not available in the classroom. This
program also makes it possible to bring Feng Shui to those who may not be in the
​position to pay monetary fees for services. It is part of the Silver Moon School of Feng
Shui philosophy to share Feng Shui information, (as much as protocols will allow),
with persons from all economic backgrounds. ​It also gives potential clients who could
afford to pay for services an opportunity to work with newly graduated students and
​support them in their development and application of their skills.

Feng Shui Community Service Projects

It is part of the Philosophy of Silver Moon Feng Shui to bring the awareness and 
benefits of Feng Shui Practice to our Communities as well as individual residences,
Offices and business.  If you are part of a Community service group or business
organization that could benefit from a group Feng Shui project  and consultation
you may submit a letter of interest to:Patti Newton at silvermoona@ymail.com or
send it by mail to P.O. Box 1125 Brattleboro, VT 05302
Eligible candidates may qualify for a ‘Red Envelope ‘Token’ appointment in which 9
‘Tokens’ are given as payment instead of monetary compensation.Feng Shui
Community Service Project Groups are formed on a volunteer basis from the
graduated students/ practitioners of the‘Silver Moon School of Feng Shui’. This is an opportunity for us to work together
in a small group format and to take on projects that give us a variety of ‘field’ experiences.
Initial eligibility criteria are:
1. The person giving permission for us to follow up with a consultation must have the authority to do so i.e.: Director, owner,Teacher of the classroom, Principle of the school etc. NOTE: Every request is taken into consideration so if initially someone else besides the person listed above makes the inquiry we will be happy to discuss the possibilities!
​2. The organization or Business may not exist solely for individual or private profit, it must service the community with a more diverse or expanded vision or intention.

Other Services:

Feng Shui Community Service Projects

Red envelope 'Token' Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui Forum

Feng Shui Practitioner Profile and Referral Service


       Feng Shui Consultations 

        Residential, Office, Business, Landscape

​Selling Real Estate with Feng Shui Considerations

​                      Dowsing for Geopathic Stress 

You can Schedule a Feng Shui Consultation 3 ways:

1. In person at Silver Moon Adornments’ Consultation Office where we can review Floor Plans and site information 2. On-site consultation and evaluation 3. On-line correspondence and phone discussion and/or written analysis/summary of your situation

Cost:              30 min - $45

                   (In store consultation only)

On site or in store:

                     60 min - $90

                     90 min - $153

                     3 hours - $225


  (802) 254-9600     silvermoona@ymail.com

Pay with: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, check or cash

Travel Time: 10 minutes included each way from downtown Brattleboro

Additional travel time: $5 per 5 min increments