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Marina Lighthouse

http://www.lighthousefengshui.com/ Marina Lighthouse is an expert in the Art of Balanced Living, the Art of Placement — the ancient and revered Art of Feng Shui. Marina Lighthouse believes people, places and even the things around us have energy and are connected in ways that are both seen and unseen. One influences the other and all react in ways that can be known if only one would pay close attention. She thinks a balanced life is a well-adjusted life and that luck, prosperity, success and happiness can be prepared for and encouraged - that an open mind, an open heart and open channels to creativity and prosperity do much to manifest the same. Through her very successful Los Altos business Harmony in Your Environment, Lighthouse helps corporations and small businesses, entrepreneurs and just plain folks identify and clear a path for the energy in their lives. “The very first thing I do when someone calls me for a Feng Shui consultation is I arrive and observe, then listen deeply. I listen a lot. The client is talking. The environment is talking. Feng Shui is all about observing, noticing, feeling. There are blatant energies, subtle energies. Sometimes, living and working, we lose a perspective on those. I observe subtleties, notice patterns. Marina Lighthouse is an intriguing blend of Western sensibility and Eastern mysticism. An artist by nature, a musician and healer by craft, a composer and singer, successful businesswoman and spiritual seeker, she simply believes “That we are all here to help each other any way we can.” Lighthouse was taught at an early age about Chinese history and philosophy by her father, Ben Marinovich. Lighthouse says, “I guess I was trained for this from an early age. My average morning breakfast table conversation before school included the interpreting of last night’s dreams and on certain days of the week reading coffee grounds.” Studying the I Ching extensively, she also immersed herself in Christian, Buddhist and Taoist theology. She was introduced to Feng Shui in 1991, and later met His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche while he was performing a blessing ceremony for the City of Santa Cruz in California. She began studying directly under the renowned spiritual leader of the Tantric Buddhist Black Sect Feng Shui in 1995, and became a certified practitioner in 1996. They collaborated in 2000 on a project to weave the precepts and theories of Feng Shui into a musical context. The resulting CD, “Feng Shui Tune Up” was heralded as the first of its kind in the field. In 2001 she opened her successful online store to provide personal and unusual Feng Shui products to the world. Celebrating 10 successful years in business, her clientel has now grown to a large domestic and international audience. 

Carol Gader

http://healthierlives.net/ Carol Gader dowses for well sites, garden placements, plants, and fertilizers, ghosts or incarnates, and health and well-being. (health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit, plus the health of the home.) She also lectures and teaches dowsing all over New England and Florida and at the National Dowsing Convention, Northeast Organic Association, and Changing World Changing Times. She is a Trustee of ASD and Chairman of the Membership Committee. Teacher, Experienced water dowser, Health, Missing People, Lost Items, Speaker, Removes Entities. Carol is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an Aroma Therapist. She has taken courses that include Barbara Brennan's course in Energy Healing and a course in Touch for Health. Carol is a Master Dowser and dowses for wells, ponds, and well being. She also teaches dowsing at various locations that include the National Dowsing Convention. Dowsing is a very ancient Art and a Science used to find or search for anything or any information. Most people think of dowsers as those people who find underground water, using a forked stick. Dowsing is really much more than that. Historically, it was considered mysterious and magical and was primarily controlled by priests and medicine people. The mystery of all the ages is within all of you. This secret is the marvelous, miracle working power found in your own subconscious mind, or super conscious mind, the last place that most people would seek it. Some researchers have found that the muscles in a dowser's arm responding to information from the autonomic nervous system that is beyond the control of our conscious mind. That is why most dowsers claim to be receiving information from the unconscious mind or super conscious mind. Quantum physics has taught us that everything is ultimately energy and that all energy and matter vibrates. This allows for all kinds of communication, including the very faint but sensitive signals received by dowsers through tools such as L-Rods and Pendulums.

Dr. Patrick MacManaway

http://patrickmacmanaway.com/ Dr. Patrick MacManaway is a second generation practitioner of the healing arts including earth acupuncture and geopathic stress remediation.Training first with his parents at their Healing and Teaching Centre in rural Fife, Scotland, Patrick studied Medicine at Edinburgh University before taking apprenticeships in both Western and Eastern approaches to landscape energy and traditional Geomancy.Past-President of the British Society of Dowsers, Founding Member of Circles for Peace and design consultant for the Burlington Earth Clock, he is the author of “Energy Dowsing for Health”, “Cultivating the Light Body’ and “Keys to Grace”. In practice since 1994, Patrick consults and teaches in the UK, the USA and Australia and is regularly available for on-site and at any time for-off site consultations. Patrick MacManaway specializes in helping people to enjoy harmony with Nature and the natural environment. He practices and teaches processes of psychic and intuitive awareness, shamanic dialogue with the nature spirit world, earth acupuncture, space clearing, spirit release and site energy balancing & integration. 

Yasha Jampolski

 yashajampolsky.com Yasha Jampolsky is one of the foremost Feng Shui Experts and Educators in the world. He is also acclaimed for his work in Four Pillars which he has developed into a powerful healing modality, relevant to our times. Formerly a Director of the most prestigious Feng Shui School in Eastern United States, he is also credited with numerous appearances on national TV and radio.  Four Pillars Life Reading - Reveals the nature of life force at the moment of your birth. Determines the best combinations of elements for your benefit and personalizes all changes to fit.  Choice in colors, materials, surfaces etc can be adjusted to your greatest benefit. Your space becomes an accurate representation of who you are, how you live and the things you love Form School Feng Shui - The original art of arrangement and the oldest category of Feng Shui. A long time ago, in ancient China, it was discovered that geographic orientation of a building and its contents could greatly influence the luck and prosperity of its inhabitants. This method has been developed into a series of protocols that can be applied to your home or work space. Flying Stars - Reveals the influences of time and space which are then applied to you floor plan. Eight Mansions - Reveals your best directional alignments and applies them to your floorplan. Bau Biologie - The science of healthy buildings.  Evaluates anmitigates chemical  toxicity, electromagnetic fields and  geopathic stress. Sacred Geometry and Sacred Design -  The age old  code of numerical relationships that are favored by the natural order, is unlocked and applied to your floor plan. Versions of this knowledge have existed in every advanced civilization since the beginning of time. Vaastu Shastra - The Feng Shui of India. Addresses relevant proportional relationships. Adds another layer to important design decisions. Dowsing - A series of ancient methods for uncovering underground grid lines and water channels. 

Carole Hyder

www.carolehyder.com Carole Hyder has been a Feng Shui expert since 1992, having reached international success as a consultant, speaker, teacher, author and trainer. Her teachers were His Holiness Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun and Roger Green. She has facilitated hundreds of private residential  and commercial  consultations.She is the co-founder and president emerita of the Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest, an organization dedicated to creating standards for practitioners,providing continuing education, and community outreach. Carole is president and founder of the Wind & Water School of Feng Shui, a career school licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. The School offers programs both in-person and on-line ranging from introductory to a nine-month certification course. The school has certified approximately 400 professional Feng Shui consultants since its inception in 1998. Carole has published three books: Wind and Water: Your Personal Feng Shui Journey (1998);Living Feng Shui: Personal Stories (2001);and Conversations with Your Home (2011). She has two DVDs (“The Science of Feng Shui” and “The 4 Faces of Money”) and an online course entitled “Money,Spirituality and Feng Shui.” Her latest product is a CD called “Harmonize Your Home” a collaboration with Grammy-winning musician Jeff Bova. In December 2006, Carole completed a graduate degree from the University of Minnesota in East Asian Studies, thereby enhancing the historical and cultural context of her Feng Shui work.

Denise Linn

www.deniselinn.com A world-acclaimed expert in feng shui and space clearing, Denise has distilled theinformation and wisdom into her teachings that she gained from indigenous cultures around the planet— the aborigines of Australia, the Zulu in Africa, the Maori of New Zealand (where she was given the title of tohunga), as well as from her own Native American roots. Denise has taught seminars in 25 countries and has written 17 books, including the best-selling, "Sacred Space," and "Soul Coaching" as well as her personal memoir, "If I Can Forgive, So Can You!" Her books have been translated into 28 languages, and she has been a featured guest on Oprah, Lifetime, Discovery Channel, BBC TV, NBC and CBS. She is also the founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching.Denise has taught seminars in 25 countries and has written 17 books, including the best-selling Sacred Space and the award-winning Sacred Legacies. Her books have been translated into 28 languages. "A home is more than a place to lay your head and seek comfort from the elements. It is a crossing point in time and space that can attract energy or repel energy.Your home can be a place of renewal and hope. It can be a sanctuary within which you can  retreat and recharge.”  ~ Denise Linn

My Teachers and Mentors

Much Gratitude to all My teachers and Mentors I have had the honor of learning from and still do!

                                                                                               Patti Newton

Professor Lin Yun


His Holiness, the late Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun founded the Fourth Stage of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, and introduced BSTB to the West in the early 1970’s. He transformed ancient Buddhism and Chinese philosophies to be adapted to the modern life and to address modern issues and challenges. His comprehensive teachings including Feng Shui, Theory of Ch’i and its adjustment methods, Transcendental Cures, Spiritual Cultivation and Meditation,etc. have healed and transformed numerous people all over the world. The legacy of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism was ensured when His Holiness, the late Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun appointed Her Holiness Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche as his successor.  As the spiritual leader of the Fifth Stage of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, Her Holiness Khadro Crystal’s mission is to carry on the lineage with the transmission of BSTB’s teachings, development, and services.

Dr. Lewis Mehl - Madrona



 Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine and trained in family medicine, psychiatry, and clinical psychology. He has been on the faculties of several medical schools, most recently as associate professor of family medicine at the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine. He continues to work with aboriginal communities to develop uniquely aboriginal styles of healing and health care for use in those communities. He is also currently working with people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia to explore healing through dialogue in community. He is the author of Coyote Medicine, Coyote Healing, and Coyote Wisdom, a trilogy of books on what Native culture has to offer the modern world.  He has also written Narrative Medicine and, his most recent book, Healing the Mind through the Power of Story: the Promise of Narrative Psychiatry.Lewis currently teaches in the Clinical Psychology Program at Union Institute & University in Brattleboro, Vermont, where he is Director of Research and a core faculty member.  He maintains a part-time private practice of family medicine and psychiatry and serves on the Board of Directors of the Coyote Institute for Studies of Change and Transformation.Lewis has been studying traditional healing and healers since his early days and has written about their work and the process of healing.  His primary focus has been upon Cherokee and Lakota traditions, though he has also explored other Plains Cultures and those of Northeastern North America.  His goal is to bring the wisdom of indigenous peoples about healing back into mainstream medicine and to transform medicine and psychology through this wisdom coupled with more European derived narrative traditions.  He has written scientific papers in these areas and continues to do research.  He writes a weekly (almost) blog on health and mental health for www.futurehealth.org.  His current interests center around psychosis and its treatment within community and with non-pharmacological means, narrative approaches to chronic pain and its use in primary care, and further developing healing paradigms within a narrative/indigenous framework.
My AddressCoyote Institute -- East, P.O. Box 578, Brattleboro, VT 05302-0578, USA
​My Phone Numberswork: (802) 254-0152 ext 8402   fax: (802) 419-3720  cell:  808-772-1099