Of  Feng Shui

Silver Moon School 

Form School Feng Shui

                      Chi of the Land/ Water Dragons/ 4 Celestial Animals


Plants, trees, flowers, green, pillars, wood floors and furniture, books


Red, Bright orange, yellow Triangles, Bold Patterns


Brown, stone, brick, ceramic tile, Heavy objects


Silver, shiny gold, white, Grey, pastels, hard, reflective, Round,


Turquoise, Black, purple, Wavy, Spiral, Mirrors, glass

The Feng Shui Bagua Map

is a blueprint that when laid over your home or office tells you what each section of your place represents. By placing furniture and objects in their optimal positions, that areas of your life will be enhanced. If you are having trouble in a particular area of your life, see where it falls in your home according to the Bagua and clean up that part of your home. Then according to Feng Shui, that area of your life will then change and improve.


Bagua Diagram -copyright 2011 -Ann Bingley Gallops

5 Element Study

Bringing nature into our homes is a key component of the teachings of Feng Shui. The goal is to have the expression of all of the five elements:
Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal 
balanced in every room of of our living space.

Do You:

Want your environments to be Healthy, Balanced, and Beautiful?

  • Love Spaces and the Creative possibilities of Color, design and placement of Objects?

  • Want to discover ways to enhance the 9 Essential Life Areas of your life?

  Work, Relationship, Family, Wealth, Health, Support, Knowledge and Self Image?

  • Need to develop a more positive outlook?

Feng Shui is the Ancient Art and Science of Creating balanced, healthy environments that support the Well-being of the Occupants by reducing or eliminating harmful or diminishing effects of the architectural structure of the building or other sources of negative Chi. (energy)

What is Feng Shui?