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“In 1981 I enrolled as a undergraduate student of Tufts University and the dual program that was offered with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Art education was my Major field of study and it was my focused intention during those 5 years to teach Visual Arts after I graduated from college.

This rigorous program taught us in- depth curriculum development, and gave us classroom experience in a variety of schools in the Boston Area. In 1985, I moved to Williamstown, Massachusetts in the Northern Berkshires, to open a Fine Arts and Craft Gallery and Studio called 'The Backside Gallery' on Water St.

in 1987 I moved to Brattleboro Vermont and opened a retal shop on Main St. called 'Midnight Visions' and had two large studio rooms where I continued to make Fine Art and Crafts. During those years I made costumes for the 'International Marionette Theater Company', one of a kind weddings gowns, and thematic mixed media 'Art Mirrors' that were sold through the 'Stratton Arts festival Craft Shop in Stratton Vermont.

At this time my focus from teaching Art in High Schools had shifted to making and selling my own art and running a busy retail shop, although I continued to teach a variety of classes and workshops privately and through community venues.

At The Museum School, traditional Leaded Stained Glass Window techniques were my main area of focus and this background gave me the wonderful opportunity to teach these very, very old techniques to students enrolled in the Summer Arts Program at 'The Putney School' in Putney Vermont.

In 2000 I opened my second retail shop in Brattleboro which is my current venue, 'Silver Moon Adornments'

Feng Shui

Several years later in 2003, I discovered The Art and Science of Feng Shui and my love for the visual arts evolved into a passion for creating 3 dimensional healthy balanced environments. I soon recognized the exciting potential of bringing creative components together in the form of color,shape, material, objects, the 5 Element System of Chinese Medicine, symbolism, interior design principles, nature,and most important; the life force energy of Chi. I had discovered something that would not only be life-changing for myself but for my clients and students as well! This was a perfect match for me because it is a life-long study and has so many branches there will always be something new to learn (and to teach!)

Each Client that I work with as a consultant, is unique and no two situations are ever the same. The entire business, office, home or yard becomes the creative expression and palate for potential, possibility and positive change!


I am dedicated to Bringing Feng Shui to those of every economic background or situation. Sometimes it is those of us who are struggling the most with everyday concerns, raising children, working jobs that are unsatisfying with low pay in uninspired surroundings at home and at work who could benefit from Feng Shui the most.

For those who may be comfortable financially but struggle with other personal concerns such as unexpected changes, health concerns, lack of inspiration, children and family issues, or relationship problems, Feng Shui may be just what they need to enhance the chi or life force energy of their lives and bring revitalized out-look and positive results to challenging situations.

It is my intention to make Feng Shui available to all who would like to study this ancient practice, regardless of financial status, by making VSAC Non-degree Grants available for eligible Vermont residents for the 'Feng Shui Certificate Program' This allows interested students, who may otherwise not be in the position to pay out of pocket for tuition and workbook fees, to experience the deepest study program available in the Southern Vermont area.

This will allow them to begin their journey of Feng Shui for themselves and future clients with formal traditional education. otherwise not available in our rural demographic.

Participation of the graduated students in the 9 Red envelope 'Token' appointment program,makes it possible for clients to access traditional Feng Shui information and consultations at no financial expense.

The 'Feng Shui Community Service Program' connects organizations with Volunteer Feng Shui groups, so that we may enhance the Balance and Well-being of our Communities as a whole, not just individual residences and businesses.

I teach with great enthusiasm because I see the remarkable results from the application of Feng Shui principles, when people ask “Does it really work? I can answer with confidence, “Yes it really does!” Where intention goes, energy flows!" 
Patti Newton is owner of Silver Moon Adornments est. 2000; a retail shop, classroom and relaxing consultation space, that offers Feng Shui Adjustment tools, Unique Gifts and Beautiful Things, Jewelry, Incense, smudge, statuary and gemstones and much more!  
Visit: www.silvermoonvt.com (802) 254-9600 silvermoona@ymail.com



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Conveniently located in the South East corner of beautiful Vermont!      

            20 Minutes from Keene New Hampshire

                                                       20 minutes from Greenfield, Massachusetts

                                                                                                   1 hour from Bennington, Vermont



Patti Newton

Levels 1,2,3

& New! Level 4

Is a High Honors graduate from 'The Wind & Water' School of Feng Shui, and propfessional member of the International Feng Shui Guild

​She has been teaching Feng Shui classes since 2005. and is a Licenced Feng Shui practitioner by the MN State Board of Higher Education

Learn to be a Feng Shui Consultant!

VSAC non degree grants available to cover Tuition!

Feng Shui Certificate Program

Silver Moon School of Feng Shui is registered with the State of Vermont as a Professional Educational Facility.

Classes are small and enrollment is limited so that each Student gains the fullest experience of working closely with the group and instructor.