Silver Moon School 


Feng Shui Classes And Certificate Program in Brattleboro, Vermont

Silver Moon School of Feng Shui in Brattleboro Vermont, offers  Feng Shui Classes and Certificate Program. Instructor, Patti Newton offers Feng Shui consultations in Brattleboro at the downtown shop location or on-site at other locations.

Bagua School  

In the Black Sect Tradition

8 Mansions

5 Elements

The study of The 9 Essential Life Areas:

Career, Partnership, Family, Wealth, Heath, Helpful People, Children/ Creativity, Knowledge, Fame & Reputation

5 Element Theory: 

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal

The Study of Chi:

Personal, Earthly, Universal

Feng Shui 

"Where Intention goes energy Flows"

                                           Of  Feng Shui

It is vital to have a good Flow of Life Force Energy in your home and work space and yard.

Feng Shui offers many simple yet powerful ways to improve this energy flow!